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Bamboo Splitting Machine Concerns

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Update time : 2016-04-20 14:59:52

Bambo Splitting Machine Concerns.


For 1 set of Bamboo Splitting Machine, it is equipped with 10 sets of Blade Cores for itself.

For our regular export, we will give customer our regular blade size.

Remarks: For width, if you do not indicate specially, we will give you regular blade size.


Regular Size From Us is as follows,

1. The Bamboo Strip Width coming out from ZP-2500 is 23 to 24 MM.

2. After using our MZP-3 fixed width slicing machine, the strip width after setting

is about 18 to 20 MM. (According to your needs.)

3. The Regular MBZS-4 Shaping Blade Width is 27MM, but the effective width for slicing

the strip is about 18 to 21MM.