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BESTA BAMBOO MACHINE CO., LTD. is the world famous supplier of bamboo toothpick, chopstick, bbq stick machinery, bamboo furniture board making machine, bamboo flooring making machines, wooden toothpick,chopstick, bbq stick, ice-cream stick machinery, cotton bud making machine, plastic stick making machine for making cotton bud, drinking straw making machines, automatic incense stick making machines, toothpick and chopstick packing machine ,etc. Our machines are widely exported to more than 30 countries. Etc. We are not only provide you the high quality machines but also provide you advance technology, good training and services.

Our main customers are from the following countries, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Nigeria,Tanzania, etc.


Our main projects:

Bamboo Flooring Making Projects, Bamboo furniture board making projects 

Bambooo Toothpick, chopstick, bbq stick, bamboo stick making machine (whole line)

Wooden Toothpick, chopstick, bbq stick, wooden stick making machine

Ice cream stick making machines, ice spoon making machines, wooden forks lines, etc. 

All types of packing machine etc. 

Our goal: Insist providing customer high quality machine and excellent services.