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Coffee Stirring Stick Making Machine

wooden coffee stirring stick making machine
wooden coffee stirring stick production line

Is consisted by the following machines

This line is for making 140mm coffee stirring stick.


Machine List 

1. JD-01/JD-02 Wooden Cutting Machine 

2. L520 Wood Rotary Cutting Machine 

3. CCM-003C Carved Cutting Machine 

4. PG-6-L3 Polishing Machine (drying)

5. BSM-010 Blade Grinding Machine (Magnetism type)

6. HX-5 Heat Exchanger

7. DF-15 Draught Fan 

8. MDJ-03 Carved Cutting Blade Sharpening Machine 

9. PM-210 White Based Board Planing Machine

10.Steam Boiler/Gas Boiler

11. LS-114  Stick Order Arranging Machine

12. FX-001C  Stick Quality Control Machine

13. MGCC-6 Dust removing and stick further polishing machine 

14. Coffee Stirring Stick Packing Machine 





Coffee Stirring Stick Making Machine-3


Coffee Stirring Stick Making Machine-4

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2.Standard sea/railway shipping package.Accessories and electrical cabinet box packaged by plywood or iron box.Big machine fixed by steel wire in containers.

3.To Provide best shipping plan & the lowest freight price,to save the customer shipping cost.




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Wooden coffee stirring stick making machine
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