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Fixed Width Slicer



1. Removing the knots inside & Outside
2. Setting the width & Thickness of Bamboo Strips.
3.Separating the yellow part from green part (surface)
Before you process the strip into sticks, you should use
MZP-3 fixed width slicer to make the strip with standard size.

1.If you order each machine one set, the capacity for double pointed toothpick is about 1,200,000 PCS per 8 hours.

2.Working voltage: Except the toothpick packing machine, Other machine is working under three phase.
In China, it is 380V, 50HZ (Three phase). If your working voltage is different, pls kindly inicate. 
3.There are two types of bamboo toothpick, one is single pointed and another is double pointed, which type you want to make?

Our bamboo machinery mainly has the following series

We will provide the machine photos, accessories and packaging pictures for our customers, etc. to the customer beforeshipment. Our machinery (Besta machine) is mainly exported to India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Our company's bamboo machinery has always insisted on innovation and continuous research and development of new machines, as well as better performance equipment.