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Ice cream stick making machine

Ice cream stick making machine
Tongue depressor stick making Machine
Ice spoon making machine
Coffee stirring stick making Machine
Brand: BESTA

Complete line introductions 

Ice cream stick making machine 

Tongue depressor stick making Machine 

Ice spoon making machine 

Coffee stirring stick making Machine

Brand: BESTA




The process of making wood into ice cream stick 


We have our own spare parts processing workshop and 95% of the parts are made by ourselves. 

We can control the quality of the machine well. All of the machine are keep innovation all the times and our parts used is high quality materials and are durable. 

Our Customers

We  receive a great many of customers from different countries each year, notably customers from India,Indonesia, 

Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, the Philippines, Burma, Colombia, Mexico,  Brazil, Iran, Uzbekistan ,Egypt and other countries. 

We communicate with customers sincerely and show them our  machine factory and related production line. 

Customers are very satisfied with our machines and services. 

We sincerely hope that all the customers who want to run the factory can achieve a great success with the help of our professional services. 

Thank you for choosing BESTA. 

We appreciate your trust and thank you for your friendship. 

We are good partners and friends forever.

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World top quality machine supplier for ice cream stick making 

Wooden ice cream stick manufacturers

Leading Machine Manufacturer of High Quality Ice Cream Stick 


Ice cream stick production line -BESTA MACHINE 

Ice cream stick manufacturing plant-INDIA 


Ice cream stick making projects in Turkey 



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