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Wooden Tongue depressor Stick Machine

Tongue depressor stick chamfering machine
Ice cream stick chamfering machine

L520B Wood Rotary Cutting Machine (Wooden Veneer Making ) Working Video

How to operate L520B Wood Rotary Cutting Machine

CCM-003C Carved Cutting Machine, Shape forming of product Video 

PG-6-L3 Wooden Ice Cream Stick Polishing,Drying, Dust Removing Machine Video

How to unload the materials from polishing machine ?

BSM-010 Electromagnetism Blade Grinding Machine Video

Before Starting making Wooden Ice Cream Stick (Comprehensive Knowledge )

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Over the past 10 years,we have received more than 200 customers to visit our factory.

Our machines are widely exported more than 30 countries. International Service Available.

Our services and commitment

Our after-sales service has always been in place and we are able to provide quality after-sales service. 
We used to send our machine engineers to many countries ex. Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cameroon,
and many other countries in helping customers build their own factories and give them professional technical guidance, 
we can consider more for you. We will continue to serve our customers  by provide good technical services.
Regarding export services, we have a professional team to provide you with intimate and quality services. 
We will produce according to the requirements of the customer country.

If you need high quality machines and good service, please contact us. Choose us and choose success.

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Contact Person: ANGEL ZHOU 
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