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ZG-1 Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine

Bamboo Sawing Machine-it is for cutting the raw bamboo into certain length
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Name: ZG-1 Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine

Power: 2.2 KW

Working Voltage : 380V, 50HZ (three phase)

Main Axis Rotation Speed: 2.2 KW

Net Weight: 85KGS

Mechnical Size: 1100*555*1200 MM

Packing Size: 1080*710*1550MM


Bamboo Toothpick/Chopstick/Skewer/Stick Making 

Bamboo Flooring Making

ZG-1 Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine, bamboo length setting machines
Product Description: This machine is for cutting the bamboo into certain length. 
It is the first machine in the toothpick machine production lines. We can offer a complete line of machine for
Making bamboo toothpicks.

For this machine, the technical data is as follows,

NO. Machine Descriptions
1 Name Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine
2 Model ZG-1
3 Brand BESTA
4 Function Cutting the bamboo into certain length  
5 Working voltage 380V, 50HZ (Three  phase)
6 Machine Size 1100*555*1200MM
7 Weight 85 KGS
8 Application Bamboo Toothpick Making Production Line

Bamboo Stick chemical treatment is an important process for making bamboo toothpick and other bamboo products. 
It is also called bleaching process. We will boil the bamboo fresh stick in a stainless steel tank, removing the sugar and
insects from the bamboo. It will prevent the bamboo from mildew. 

1.If you order each machine one set, the capacity for double pointed toothpick is about 1,200,000 PCS per 8 hours.

2.Working voltage: Except the toothpick packing machine, Other machine is working under three phase.
In China, it is 380V, 50HZ (Three phase). If your working voltage is different, pls kindly inicate. 
3.There are two types of bamboo toothpick, one is single pointed and another is double pointed, which type you want to make?

Our bamboo machinery mainly has the following series

We will provide the machine photos, accessories and packaging pictures for our customers, etc. to the customer beforeshipment. Our machinery (Besta machine) is mainly exported to India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Our company's bamboo machinery has always insisted on innovation and continuous research and development of new machines, as well as better performance equipment.



Bamboo Pole (after cutting into certain length) 

Our customer from abroad